The traditional IT network is being extended as companies embrace cloud technologies such as G Suite, ServiceNow, Microsoft Office 365, Azure, SalesForce, Dropbox and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The cloud helps organisations to be more agile and collaborative, but poses data security risks. Data flows from your organisation to systems located outside your on-premise networks. Preventing data leakage – the distribution to or access by unauthorised parties to internal or sensitive information – is a considerable challenge. Relying on user awareness and training is not sufficient to prevent data loss and leakage through non-malicious and malicious intent. Imposing restrictive data sharing policies can hamper the ability of users in your organisation to collaborate and share data.

In the modern enterprise network, security must follow the user, the data and the application.

While other vendors offer off-the-shelf products that provide only part of the solution, Innophia offer an end-to-end managed solution to protect your enterprise data:

  • Automated classification of your data and watermarking of documents, enables easy classification of file data and email via a combination of policy and user-driven methods. This enforces dynamic, automated watermarking and tagging of unstructured information (emails, documents, and other data) according to company policies.
  • Controlled, policy-driven access to data, applies role-based access control, ensuring that policy rules can be enforced that determine who can view, email and print sensitive documents.
  • Auditing of who accesses the data, supports comprehensive auditing of users and system administrator activities.
  • Seamless Integration, integrates into existing company workflows delivering a transparent and intuitive user experience.

Access to customer and employee data, competitive plans, R&D, patent designs and other intellectual property has never been available on so many endpoint devices.  Your critical data is much more accessible than before and there are many more vulnerabilities to protect.

Our team of experienced and dedicated Security Experts provide proactive management and monitoring of your endpoint devices.

  • Endpoint devices such as PCs, tablets and mobile devices are protected by a software agent that is continuously updated with antivirus and anti-malware capabilities. Threats are neutralised as they are detected
  • A management dashboard provides an ‘at a glance’ view of the security status of your endpoint devices and immediate alerts in the event of an incident
  • Intrusion Prevention and Intrusion Detection systems prevent and identify unauthorised access attempts both inside and outside of your internal network
  • Comprehensive reporting capabilities enable complex data, threat and trend analysis
  • Ongoing management, reporting, alerting and active defence to protect your devices and data and from malware, viruses and unauthorised access
  • Implementation of lock-down, remote device wiping and self-service sign-on

Contact US About Data Loss Prevention and End-Point Security and Let US Protect your sensitive information with an industry-leading Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and Policy Driven Data Classification service.  Our solution is designed to increase security, improve compliance and productivity, and decrease the costs associated with training users and complying with data protection legislation.  Our team of experienced and dedicated Security Experts provide also proactive management and monitoring of your endpoint devices threats are neutralised before they become an issue.