Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

Hacking and its effects can have a major impact on your business’ reputation.  Access to banking details, sensitive customer and employee data, competitive intelligence, patented designs and intellectual property has never been spread across so many devices, networks and locations.

Innophia provide the following services and we tailor our work to suit your requirements:

Vulnerability Assessment

  • Our experienced Security Experts will simulate real attacks and use their specialist knowledge of threats and best practice to identify any vulnerabilities within your infrastructure
  • Identified Vulnerabilities are prioritised using the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) and further qualitative severity rankings helping you to assess and prioritise your approach to addressing the identified vulnerabilities
  • Based on our Experience we will make recommendations as to what Remedial actions to take

Penetration Testing

  • Our Team of experts explore how priority security vulnerabilities could be exploited to fully understand the risk they pose
  • This process can be applied to single applications but also across your infrastructure including web applications, IT infrastructure, program source code, social engineering and mobile applications
  • We report the outcomes and recommended remedial actions and best practices

Contact US Today About Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing and Let our experienced team of security experts assess your infrastructure for vulnerabilities.  We will provided a detailed report of our findings allowing your IT teams to address any issues before hackers exploit them.  The IT security landscape is constantly changing let us detect any issues in your environments leaving you to concentrate on protecting your valuable digital assets.